Since 1984 Columbia Green has helped Columbia and the midlands of South Carolina put out the welcome mat. Evidence of the organization's work radiates in community parks, medians, major gateways, and in your neighborhoods, with plantings of flowers, shrubs, and trees that delight the eye and lift the spirit.  

Columbia Green is most recognized for the landscaped medians throughout Columbia. In addition, money is raised and granted to civic, non-profit, and neighborhood associations to underwrite projects that re-flourish, revive and enhance public spaces with renewed landscaping.


10,000 Trees Program

The City of Columbia and Columbia Green, through the 10,000 Trees Program, aim to bring beauty and life to our communities by increasing shade, improving air and water quality, providing homes for wildlife and reducing our overall carbon footprint.

We encourage all residents of the Midlands to participate in the program. Every tree planted in the region will be a benefit to all. The City of Columbia and Columbia Green look forward to working with our citizens to continue to make the Midlands a Capital Place to Live!


We're Tracking Our Progress

We're well on the way to planting 10,000 trees. We'll keep track with our "Tree-ometer". 

Click here to submit the trees you've planted to make sure that we have an accurate count.

Planting 10,000 Trees