Because Life Should Be Beautiful

Completed Projects

Listed below you will find many of the projects Columbia Green is proud to have completed in the past two decades.  
(partial listing)
Seasonal Flower Beds (biannual plantings)

  • City Hall
  • Island at Gonzales Monument at Senate & Sumter Streets
  • Entrance to Blossom Street Bridge
  • Medians on Assembly Street between Elmwood & Laurel Streets
  • Medians on Bull Street between Harden & Elmwood Streets
  • Median on Sunset Drive & West Beltline Boulevard
  • Corner of Millwood Avenue & Gervais Street
  • Corner of Millwood Avenue & Devine Street
  • Islands at Fairfield Road & North Main Street
  • Island at Monticello Road & North Main Street
  • Island at Beltline Boulevard & Cross Hill Road
  • Medians on Rosewood Drive & Beltline Boulevard near Midlands Technical College

Gateway Beautification

  • Blossom Street from the Blossom Street Bridge to Huger Street, Palmetto Trees
  • Elmwood Avenue between SC 126 and Bull Street
  • Gervais Street from Gervais Street Bridge to Huger Street, Palmetto trees
  • I-26 Median, with SCDOT Magnolia and Crape Myrtle trees
  • Median at I-26 and Huger Street Interchange
  • Medians on Jackson Boulevard near I-77
  • Medians on SC 277 near Harden Street Extension

Arbor Day Tree Plantings

  • Caughman Road Elementary School, 5 Willow Oaks trees.
  • Huger Street, 158 Bald Cypress trees
  • Riverfront Park, 19 Chaste trees & 5 Goldenrain trees
  • South Kilbourne Elementary School, 5 Willow Oaks trees.
  • Whaley Street, 16 Oaks trees.
  • Ft. Jackson, 25 Magnolias trees & 2 Live Oaks trees.

Parks Beautification

  • Heathwood Park
  • Hollywood-Rose Hill Park
  • Martin Luther King Park
  • Memorial Park
  • Drew Wellness Center
  • Maxcy Gregg Park Restoration
  • Earlewood Park
  • Elmwood Park

Other Beautification Projects

  • Corner of Rosewood Drive & Assembly Street at State Fairgrounds
  • Island at Devine Street & Saluda Avenue in Five Points
  • Medians on Blossom Street near USC Coliseum
  • Robert Mills House Founders Garden
  • Seibels House Garden
  • St. Peter's Catholic Church Gardens
  • Summit Parkway Middle School, plantings
  • Palmetto Richland Children’s Hospital, plantings
  • Ft. Jackson Gate, Boyden Arbor
  • Sistercare Residence Garden
  • Gibbes Middle School, plantings
  • Wardlaw Apartments Garden
  • Disabled Veterans Home, Lake Carolina, plantings
  • South Carolina State Museum, entryways

Neighborhood Grants for Beautification

  • Brandon Acres/Cedar Terrace Neighborhood Association
  • Children’s Center at USC Garden
  • Bradley Community Council
  • Saluda Avenue Median
  • Elmwood Park Neighborhood Association
  • Forest Hills Neighborhood Association
  • Iris Garden Club for Robert Mills House
  • Northwood Hills Neighborhood Association
  • Sherwood Forest Neighborhood Association
  • Spring Valley Homeowners Association
  • Ashewood Homeowners Association
  • University Hills Neighborhood Association
  • Downtown Neighborhood Association
  • Strathaven Forest Neighborhood Association
  • W. Gordon Belser Arboretum
  • Historic Waverly Neighborhood Association
  • Heathwood Hall Episcopal School
  • City Center Partnership
  • Hyatt Park/Keenan Terrace Neighborhood Association
  • St. Lawrence Place
  • Hammond Lower School Neighborhood
  • The Shandon Neighborhood Association
  • H.E. Corley Elementary School
  • Ames Manor Apartments
  • Woodlands NE Homeowners Association
  • Garden Club Council/Lourie Senior Center
  • Sesquicentennial State Park
  • Forest Lake Presbyterian Church
  • Bonham Center
  • Five Points Association
  • Sustainable Carolina
  • Riverbanks Zoo and Garden
  • Earlewood Community
  • Friends of Children’s Center
  • Hollywood-Rose Hill Neighborhood
  • Transitions
  • USC Educational Foundation
  • Society of Friends Meeting House
  • Ebenezer Lutheran Church
  • Alston Wilkes Society
  • Columbia College
  • Logan Elementary School
  • Historic Columbia Foundation
  • Burton Park Elementary School
  • First Church of the Nazarene
  • Burton Pack Altogether

Tree Initiative Grants

  • Colonial Heights Neighborhood
  • Highland Park
  • W. Gordon Belser Arboretum
  • Maxcy Gregg Park
  • South Carolina Department of Mental Health
  • Robert Mills Historic District
  • Gibbes Middle School
  • Heathwood Hall Episcopal School
  • South Carolina Memorial Park
  • Carver Lyon Elementary School