Because Life Should Be Beautiful

Columbia Green promotes beautification of the Columbia area through landscaping, gardening, horticulture, education and conservation. Making Columbia more beautiful will enhance the quality of life for its citizens and visitors and will support economic development.

Our primary goal is to beautify the Columbia area through major landscaping efforts. We seek to do that by:

  • Selecting and implementing major beautification projects, such as the gateways to our city that were landscaped in the early 1990s.
  • Promoting beautification in residential neighborhoods through the neighborhood grants program, which awards up to $3,000 in matching funds to local not for profit organizations.
  • Beautifying the islands, medians and flowerbeds that we have adopted twice a year with seasonal color.
  • Increasing the number of canopy trees through the Tree Initiative Grant Program which funds awards up to $3,000.

Columbia Green also hosts educational events to provide our members, and other interested residents, with information on gardening topics. Additionally, we host an annual garden tour every spring, showcasing outstanding private gardens throughout the metropolitan area. On hand at each site is a volunteer to answer any questions about gardening and plant identification.

Columbia Green is dedicated to beautifying Greater Columbia, which will have a domino effect in improving life for all our residents.

Columbia Green 2020 Board of Directors
Executive Committee:

Susan Thorpe, President
Trace Ballou, Vice President
Russ Jeter, Treasurer
Emily Temples, Corresponding Secretary
Denise Dickinsen, Recording Secretary
Paula Gordon, Past President

Board Members:

Cathy Bagley
Hollis Beach
Elaine Delk
Kathy Garrick
Presley Hogue
Kristina Mandell
Don McInnes
Keith Mearns
Regina Monteith
Marcia Montgomery
Austin Saggus
Donna Williams
Jacqueline Jacobs Williams

Caleb King, City of Columbia, Forestry & Beautification Advisor