Because Life Should Be Beautiful

Projects and Grants

Columbia Green has two grant programs; The Neighborhood Grant and the Tree Initiative Grant. There is a maximum award of $3,000 respectively for these grants.

Columbia Green is deeply involved in landscaping the Greater Columbia area, which its members believe will benefit our residents, businesses and visitors alike. We work hard to build upon the natural beauty of our city by landscaping along our roadways, by adding trees to our parks, by awarding grants to not for profit organizations, and by working with other like-minded organizations throughout the area.

Our humble origins began in 1984 with small, container gardens in our city’s struggling neighborhoods. Modeled after a Philadelphia organization that uses gardens to further neighborhood revitalization, Columbia Green adopted the motto, “Strong neighborhoods through gardening.”

By the early 1990s, we widened our scope and embarked upon much larger projects at the major entrances and roadways throughout our city. While we continue to work with small neighborhood groups, we have also joined forces with SCDOT and Historic Columbia to take on the larger projects that will have the greatest impact upon our city. Columbia Green further provides funding each a year to the city Forestry and Beautification Department for season annuals to keep our medians and public areas colorful throughout the year.

Please join us so we can continue our work of beautifying Columbia.